It is important that the roof over your head is dependable. You should know what materials your roof is made of. Most people have no clue of what materials are suitable for their roof. It is important that you have an idea of what type of roofing material is best for your area. Below are some of the basic roofing materials:
Roll roofing
It is less expensive than shingles. It is best to use this in shallow graded roof styles and steep roofs plus a few shingles. As an example, this is commonly seen in industrial buildings. This one is made up of a base, saturated with asphalt, covered by a smooth or mineral surface. You will have an easy time installing this or having it installed, and this is also quite durable.
Architectural inorganic shingle
There are many layers in this material, and it also looks like wood. You will find that this material is expensive but is quite durable as compared to other materials out there. It can be a great beauty tool if you have the budget for this roofing shingles. Since it is durable, you will not have to spend so much on repairs which in the long run is a huge saving by itself.
Straw and clay roofs
Straw and seagrass are still used to make roofs. Roofs made of other natural materials like ceramic, and clay are also very popular and have the benefit of being fireproof and ‘green’. In addition to this, they have great aesthetic appeal.
Concrete is a very resilient material and makes good roofs. It is, however, cumbersome and also cracks under temperature stresses. It is best for concrete structures as wooden houses may be too weak to withstand its weight.
Metal shingles
You can be sure that this material is quite durable. They use zinc for the panels making them quite expensive. The best aspect of this material is that it is fire resistant. It is a very wise investment since it is fire resistant and durable. Just be sure though that you will stay within your budget.
Fiberglass roofing
They last between 15 and 20 years. Little maintenance is required for fiberglass roofs, and they come in many different styles and colors to match almost any desired look. The roof made using this material is water and mold resistant.
Slate roofs
Slate roofing is done using slate tiles. Slate is essentially stone and is extremely durable and can be modified to look like wooden tiles as well. The structure should be stable enough to support the slate roof because slate is a hefty material.
Wood shakes
Wood shakes are high maintenance and not the most resilient roofing materials; they are neither fire nor wind resistant. They will let fungus grow on them and rot in time as well. They need fire retardants to be applied on them before use. The benefits of wooden roofs are that they make up in looks what they lack in durability and they are environmentally friendly and lightweight.
These are some of the most common roofing materials in the market today. Always do your assignment of researching about a material first before buying it. It is advisable you ask your local contractors what the best material for your locality is. You will never go wrong if you know the proper roofing material to buy.

Written by: Roisambu

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