The vast majority of people are under-informed when it comes to the topic of attic ventilation. Sure, it’s not the most intriguing opening line at parties, but proper ventilation of attic can add more years to the life of the roof, can improve the efficiency of the home, and may improve your health. Typically your local roofing company should be able to provide you with proper attic insulation. Now, there is some precision measure required in gauging the amount of the ventilation your attic requires. As with the HVAC unit, you need to work with the proportions of your home rather than assuming more is better. If you have very little air circulation in the attic, you will waste energy cooling your home in the summer; in cooler weather, poor ventilation can result from more than moisture, which could lead to mold. More than 10 percent of people have the allergy to mold, so you home could make sick.┬áTherefore, the best strategy is to speak to a roofing expert to avoid your attic be the source of problems for your home.

Picture of a roof vent.

Another common misconception about the attic ventilation is that it is strictly a concern in warm weather. While proper air circulation is important to your home’s efficiency, attic ventilation works properly in tandem with insulation, thermal barriers, and roofing materials. The truth is, it is the cool weather which poses the greatest risk to poorly ventilated attics. Roof vents do not, as many people believe, allow warmth to escape during the winter. They do, however, help eliminate the damp air that can cause damage to our insulation, and to the usually unfinished wood surfaces in the attic. If this problem goes unaddressed too long, you could have a dangerous and expensive problem on your hands.

The humidity in a home can be a big factor which affects your health. An environment which is too humid can be the cause of allergies breaking out or lung disease and related problems. You can easily avoid all these inconveniences if you have a good attic ventilation system installed.

If your attic is properly ventilated, then it would be a great help since the circulation that a ventilator promotes would make sure that hot air is expunged from a home during summers, and that moisture would also be kept out during winters as well.

While it is good to do your research on the type and amount of ventilation your attic may need, the best thing to do is to find a roofer inspector who has the knowledge your particular climate, and the types of ventilation that work best in your area. Even if you have roof, vents, it is worth it to have them checked. They may not be put up a performance for a variety of reasons, and a professional can diagnose any such problems and recommend a solution.

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Many people would agree that the importance of attic ventilation is to improve energy efficiency during every season; however, there are other ways to improve energy efficiency other than this, such as insulation and roofing material that are designed to maximize energy performance. The application of an attic vent to thwart moisture build-up provides the greatest advantage to houses located in colder climates.

Where there is intense cold weather, it will be more beneficial to have these circulation systems to avert the formation of condensation on sheathing material and avoid dampness on other major components. It will help put a stop to any serious problems from developing in both the summer and winter.


The benefits of a proper ventilation system could prevent all of these problems. Proper air circulation provides a comfortable living environment, decreases energy costs, ensures the welfare of household members, and could even decrease or eliminate the need for expensive repairs and maintenance.

The importance, function, and benefits of a good ventilation system should not be overlooked since they are engineered to eradicate moisture build-up by managing attic air circulation. While a good air circulation system is essential to help reduce utility bills and ensure that a home stays in good condition, it also helps to keep a home safe by avoiding structural damage or premature failure of the roofing structure. Therefore, to maintain efficiency in an overall building structure, adequate roofing ventilation is a must!

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