Water, long acknowledged as the purest of elements, has become a little scary in the last few decades. Most people don’t feel comfortable drinking straight from the tap any longer. One of the most popular solutions for many homes is a water softener. But how do you know how to choose the right water softener? Star Plumbing Company out of Mt. Juliet Tennessee offered post article for you about popular water softener questions. Here is a step by step guide to get you on the right track.


Step 1 – Test the Amount of Hardness to your Water
Your first step should be to figure out just how hard your water is. Water softeners work by removing elements like calcium and magnesium, so you need to know just how much of these elements you’re dealing with and how powerful a system you’ll need.

If you’ve noticed that you have a hard time lathering soap or shampoo, you most likely have hard water. You can purchase a water testing kit and run the test yourself or hire a professional to come by and assess your water.

Step 2 – How much water do you use? 

Once you have an idea of the hardness of your water, calculate your household usage in gallons. The average American can use as much as 50 to 80 gallons of water in a single day! Even when considering that some gallons are ‘shared’ (cooking, laundry), a household of 4 can still use 300 gallons in one day.


Step 3 – How much time do you have? 

Lastly, you should consider how much time you have in your schedule to devote to the cleaning, running and maintenance of your softening water system. There is a wide range in usability and automation when it comes to water softeners. If you’re a very busy person without much time on your hands, you won’t want a unit that needs to be monitored constantly or thoroughly cleaned regularly. You should choose one that fits in well with your schedule and lifestyle.


Step 4 – Choose a water softener! 

With all of this information on hand, you’ll be ready to start looking at units. If your water has high levels of calcium or magnesium, you’ll need to consider larger, more powerful units.


The ‘strength’ of a water softener is measured in how many ‘grains’ the unit can remove from a gallon. Calculating how many grains your household needs cleaned is easy: multiply the number of people in your home by the number of gallons they use and then multiply this by the hardness (or amount of grains) calculated by your water test… Using average consumption and the average grain of water in the United States, the calculation for a 3-person household would look like this:


3 people x 100 gallons each x 10 grains = 3000 grains a day


A household with these results would get by well with a smaller, 24,000 to 32,000-grain water softener. Units can run as high as 100,000+ grains for larger households or harder water. It’s as easy as that! By following these few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to the kind of water you and your family deserve.


Installing a softening water system in your home will yield short-term and long-term benefits. The purpose of this unit is to take away the minerals that are in your water when it comes to your residence. The reason you want to do this is that the minerals can do damage to some things that they come in contacts with, such as your shower head, the taps on your sinks and your ice maker. Hard water can even make your hair look less clean after washing it.

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