Antioch Roofing & Repairs, a roofing company in Antioch, TN have guided this article with real life insights. Installing a new roof and repairing an existing roof are the only two options available for any building and the difference between both the methods is the cost difference. Installing a new one costs more while repairing is done easily. The cost can fluctuate based on the following factors:

1) Size of the roof

2) Type of materials used

3) Number of layers

4) Pitch of the roof

5) The region you live

6) Other items like chimney, towers to be considered while dealing with the roof

7) Other code requirements for the roof

Whether you are installing a new roof or repairing an old one, it is best practice to get the quote from 4 or 5 roofers and choose the best one among them. It is not always required to install a new roof even when there is small damage to it. There are various reasons and causes when you can install a new roof and when it is enough to repair it.

Reasons to install a new roof

1) When the life of the roof comes to an end- All roofs are given service lifetime. The lifetime is averaged between 20 to 25 years. So, once your roof crosses the 20-year mark, you can think of changing the roof by installing a new one. Maintenance, ventilation, and material are the factors that affect the lifetime of the roof.

2) When you see extensive leaking- If you see extensive leaking in many places, it means you have to install a new roof.

3) Eco-friendly- Once the lifetime of the roof is nearing its end, it does more harm than good. It affects the environment and it is better to replace them with new roof.

Reasons to repair the old roof

1) Dripping ceiling- Until your timbers are not breaking and there is no mould, you need not fear to change the roof. These can be repaired easily.

2) Missing shingles- Always have a backup shingles in case there is damaged or broken shingles. It is easy to replace the shingles.

3) Flashing- Flashing is a regular problem that comes because of using chimneys and vents and can be found around them after wind storms. It happens because of the failure of sealer. The roof should be inspected and required action can be taken easily.

The cost for installing a new roof can range from $4000 (smaller roof) to $12000 while the maximum price you need to repair any type of roof falls under $1500.

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