There are a several reasons why your roof might be leaking. However, once you find what can be causing the leak, it could easy to repair and fix it, so it will not happen again in the future. Following is a list of the top reasons for a roof leaking or roof damage.

leaking roof

Top 5 reasons for a leaking roof:

1. Weather can generate a lot of damage to your roof over time. The sun, rainfall, hail, frost and blizzard all affect your roof. When the weather is scorching, the sun tends to dry out roofing paper, and because of this, the tar tends to run and sag which deteriorates your roof covering. After many years of this, the shingles of your roof can start to become brittle and will begin to crack and split.

roof shingles

Extreme weather changes also cause the roof to expand and contract, adding further damage to the roofing materials and eventually leaks start to appear.

2.Age could the main causes of leaking roofs. Remember that ‘Nothing lasts forever’ and your roof makes no difference. there are several things that can happen to your roof with age. For example, your roof will begin to slowly break down, nails begin to rust and concrete tiles, because they are porous, will de-construct themselves and start to crumble over time.

If you have tile or slate, broken and cracked slates or tiles expose the timbers underneath and water starts to rot the timber structure of the roof.


3.Fault in the flashing can happen because the caulk could be dry out causing the seal around it to broken and letting water go thru. To check this kind of leak try poking about the flashing that is found around your chimney, vents or roof shutters to see that it is still sealed tight. If not made from lead, rusted flashings can also be an ultimate cause for roof leaks.


4.Gutters can be clogged with leaves and debris. If this is happening you could have a roof leak because they are preventing free flow of the water from your roof. During the winter this can be an even more of a problem as the water closed in the channels may freeze and cause an ice dam. A simple solution is to check your gutters system regularly during the year, especially during the fall season and before winter.


5.Poor roof construction can cut down the cost of your project, but at the long run it can lead to a numerous problems. the cost can less because of inadequate insulation, use of lower grade roofing paper and the contractor could rush to hurry a job to fit a deadline.

roof damage


Most causes of leaks can withdraw by regular inspection and general maintenance on your roof. However, it’s not something that we suggest you try and do yourself, but with the right guidance and your proper research, this could be something you can do. For some reason, you do not feel comfortable doing it call the services of a professional roofer who will do the job to a very high standard for you.


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